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T&T Archaeological Consulting, LLC

Proprietors: Tony and Teresa Putty

Founded in 1986, T&T Archaeological Consulting provides two distinct forms of service. Teresa Putty heads up academic and research endeavors (including artifact evaluation as it relates to authenticity and rarity). Tony Putty's efforts are focused on the commercial aspects of artifact acquisition, providing appraisal values and investment advice. This our 10th year of auction sales. We endeavor to provide quality collections with excellent provenance. We will not accept any items for consignment or sale that are in violation of laws pertaining to their provenance or ownership.

Specialization: Prehistoric Native American Artifacts

Notable Work-Related Endeavors:
Teresa authored "Birth of a Culture," a book on the Terminal Archaic Culture of Eastern Tennessee. (Putty 2004).

Memberships held in the following organizations:
GIRS (Prehistoric American)
Central States Archaeological Society

Educational Qualifications:
Teresa is a degreed Archaeologist with a bachelors degree in anthropological studies from Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis and a Master of Arts Degree (Archaeology) from Ball State University.

Commercial Services:
In addition to acquiring and placing prehistoric artifacts, our company provides advice relative to artifact investment and collection management. We also provide appraisals and authentications. We provide our clients with various avenues with which to acquire or sell artifacts. Artifacts can be sold privately, in retail publications or in an arranged auction format.

T& T Archaeological Consulting, LLC also provides Appraisals and Auctions Services.

Academic Services:
T&T Archaeological Consulting provides research and reporting on subjects/sites relative to prehistoric (and historic) Native Americans. Our company also provides contracted literary services.

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