Little Nemo Auction House is in charge of sell the entrusted objects in the name and on the behalf of its
customers, according to the registered documents at VAT office of Turin.
The effects of the sell directly affect the Seller and the Buyer, without the assumption of other
responsibility by the Little Nemo Auction House, in addition to those resulting from the mandate.
The offered materials are best described in the catalog.
The Auction House offers a full guarantee that all items are authentic and under the conditions described in
the catalog.
Auction Exhibition
Little Nemo offers to its customers the possibility to examine the auction?s objects in the days before the
Some arts are presented in frame.
For lots that in catalog are indicated with ?Framed?, the hammer price will be also including the cost
For lots that do not carry this information, you can collect ?free? or paying the cost of the same frame.
The costs of the frames will be clearly indicated to the reception desk. The customers can request in
advance a list of costs for lots exposed with the frames.
The exhibition aims to examine the conditions and the quality of the objects, also allows to clear up any
errors and inaccuracies in the catalog.
All items are sold ?as seen?.
Disputes are not accepted after the awards.

Auction fees
The buyer will must pay the auction fees for each lot to the extent of 15% on the hammer price up to
50.000 Euro and because of 13% for any amount exceeding 50.000 Euro, including VAT and tax burdens.
Full payment of the hammer price and buyer?s fees can be claimed immediately by Little Nemo Auction
House, but in any case, the same must be made within 10 days after the sale.
The invoice must be requested during the registration.
Awards in room
Sales are made to the highest bidder for cash, to be considered.
The winning bidders will not be allowed to withdraw the purchased items until the payment is successful,
unless the customer doesn?t made arrangements with the Auction House.
Offers by mail
For those who can not attend the auction in room, Little Nemo Auction House can accept purchase commissions (written and telephone bids) on the precise mandate.
To make the actual purchase order, you must fill out the form in catalogue indicating your credit card number and authorizing Little Nemo Auction House in the event of the award to charge 20% as a down payment.
Little Nemo Auction House is not responsible, while striving with earnest, for any errors that would incur in the execution of offers (written or telephone).
When the form is compiled, the bidder is requested to carefully check the lot numbers and descriptions.
The original forms must be forwarded by mail with photocopy of an identity document.
If there are no technical times, the customer will be able to agree with responsible about the possibility to submit their offers by fax, mail or PEC.
We will not accept offers with warrants to purchase unlimited.
If Little Nemo Auction House will receive 2 bids with the same amount, it will be followed the chronological order.
In case of 2 bids of the same amount, one by phone and one in the room, the bids in the room will prevail on the written bids
Phone participation
Little Nemo Auction House offers its customers the possibility to be contacted on the phone during the event to direct bid to the lots. Any requirement of participation on the phone would be accepted only if
written and signed in the devoted form that has to be forwarded within noon of the day of the Auction. In order to consent the participation though the impossibility to reach the bidder on the phone, the bidder
has to indicate his/her maximum offer on the form. This service is guaranteed responding to the limit of phone lines available at the moment and following the chronological order of offer reception.
Online offers
Little Nemo Auction House offers the possibility to participate to its auction through its website. The participation requires the registration through the apposite online form within the 24hours preceding the
event. The Auction House will authorize the customer providing him/her with an access code and a number for bidding. Instructions related to online participation are completely listed in the devoted area of the
website. Indications and limits listed for the phone and mail offers legally value for online participation as well. Please notice: you must be >18 yrs old.
Base prices are inferior to estimate prices. It is possible to bid for a lot as follows:
Price btw 1? and 100?: minimum raise ? 10Price btw 100? and 500?: minimum raise ? 25
Price btw 500? and 1000?: minimum raise ? 50
Price over 1.000?: minimum raise ? 100
Payment of awarded lots could be made as following:
- Cash
- Bank draft to : Little Nemo di Sergio Pignatone
- Bank transfer:
- SANPAOLO IMI Sede di Torino
IBAN IT 02 X 030 6909 2171 0000 0060 211
Headed to Little Nemo di Sergio Pignatone
- Bank check (it is necessary to previously contact the Little Nemo accounting department)
- Credit card. Please note that payments with VISA will be charged a fixed amount of 1,5% cash on the total to correspond.
Any different kind of payment shall be agreed with Little Nemo offices.
Withdrawal of awarded lots
The withdrawal of lots, paid as explained above, shall be made as follows:
- Immeditaley after the auction
- Within and no later than 10 days after the event at the offices of the Auction House in via
Montebello 2/d, Torino
- After the auction custody of the lots acquired by any customers needs to be ruled by
precise written agreements between customers and the Auction House.
The Auction House could charge the packing services and delivery in behalf and on the expenses of the customer. Little Nemo Auction House guarantees professional packaging of the items. Lots to be shipped travel under buyers?responsibility.
Lacking any written agreement, Little Nemo Auction House will hold all the rights of custody and it will be dispensed from any responsibility related to custody and potential deterioration of the involved objects.
Please notice: Whoever decides to participate to Little Nemo Auction automatically accept the conditions
of sale.